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Startup Consultancy

Though today's environment is conducive to the growth and success of a startup, limited or lack of back office efficiency often becomes the recipe for failure for many. We are here to offer you accurate accounting, finance and consulting guidance. Get ready to ride the wave of startup revolution.

Startups or fresh-faced businesses venture out in the market with substantial amount of investment. In the first few years itself, well-planned accounting and better control over internal finances are pivotal to make sure regulatory procedures and tax compliance are met with accuracy and efficiency. This is essential for long-term success of the startup as well as for attracting investors.

Effective financial and accounting management services help business startups receive accurate reports at the right time. Plus, it is important to understand how these reports can help a startup gain better operational efficiency. Many startups in their initial stages simply look at the “numbers in boxes' and wonder what they translate to. For a startup to root, develop and expand, proper and systematic accounting is a prerequisite. From tax and regulatory view point, all this data needs to be stored in a safe manner for easy availability and avoiding future discrepancies.

At GMG Advisors Pvt Ltd, we offer startup consultancy services for proper alignment of services in regard to incorporation of new business entity. Our professional accounting and taxation services in Bangalore have assisted a large number of startups in successfully setting up internal financial controls. The Government of India has encouraged emerging entrepreneurs by creating a friendly environment in which to conduct business. As the owner of a startup, you are entitled to a wide range of benefits including self certification, taxation and debt funding. Most importantly, the government has granted startups a tax exemption for up to 3 years.

Whether you want to manage finances, establish benchmark, key out payback period or make better business decisions in future, GMG Advisors Pvt Ltd is fully equipped with the insights and expertise you need.