accounting services

Accounting Services

Day-to-day accounting tasks consume a lot of time. If you plan to stay focused on the growth aspect of your organization, outsourcing your accounting functions like payroll, bill payment, financial reporting and tax compliance is a great idea.

In this way, you can immediately free up your time and concentrate on your key areas of expertise. At GMG Advisors Pvt Ltd, we offer professional accounting and financial services for all types and sizes of businesses – right from source document to financial statement analysis. We bring a high level of expertise to your accounting.

Though accounting functions are generally considered as non-core activities, they provide a solid foundation to build upon and help streamline all the core business operations of your organization.

Outsourced accounting and financial services have multiple advantages to offer. Apart from being cost effective, these services help you achieve a high level of accuracy. In fact, the accuracy of results can be as high as 99.95%. By outsourcing your accounting and payroll functions, you can also control and check the possibilities of fraud by staff in your organization. Outsourced accounting, on the other hand, also lends efficiency to staff payment through direct deposits. Plus, accurate tax filing helps you avoid tax penalties. Overall, outsourced accounting services create a win-win situation for all kinds of firms and businesses.

Our financial accounting services in Bangalore can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any business or enterprise – and so you pay only for what you require. When working with us, you'll have the nation's best and most adept professionals at your disposal. Avail yourself of up-to-date technology, save up on processing time and avoid the worries of bank reconciliation. We'll keep you well-informed of the financial health of your business at all times so that you can make better financial decisions for the continued growth of your organization.

Being in the financial industry for about a decade now, our company have a team of qualified financial experts who understand the exact book keeping needs of our clients and provide the services accordingly. By creating true and correct books of accounts for businesses we help them to keep a track of their assets and liabilities, income and expenditures, periodical profit and losses, cash flows etc. at a competitive price. The bookkeeping services we offer include creation and maintenance of

  • Bank Book
  • Cash Book
  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Journal Register
  • Register of Receivables
  • Register of Payables
  • Expenses Ledgers
  • Income Ledgers
  • Other General Ledgers
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Cash flow statement

In order to ensure the quality of Data provided books balances are reconciled monthly, documents are serially numbered and maintained in chronological order .

In Indian accounting scenario the statutory compliances are key to the success of the business and we ensure that all the required compliances for the entity being complied on or before respective due date and which includes

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly GST returns
  • Monthly TDS payments
  • Quarterly TDS returns
  • Online download and issue of TDS certificates
  • Monthly PF and ESI Payments
  • Monthly Professional Tax payments
  • Filing of Income tax returns
  • Filing of MCA returns

These tasks are achieved through using accounting software Tally and Quick Books.

The process we follow

We source the accounting documents through scanned documents, downloaded bank statements and other information through emails by attachments of XL and word files or direct content on the mail

Once the accounting documents are sourced and secured we update the books on the agreed periodic intervals and provide the books of accounts.

Our accounts outsourcing services are ideally suited for small and medium sized companies who struggle to get quality accounting though qualified accountants. It will also suits as outsourced CFO for Start-up companies and foreign subsidiaries setting up business in India